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The Texas State University Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) is pleased to announce the appointment of three Faculty Research Fellows to participate in the externally funded SCALEUP (Sustainable Cultivation & Advancement of Local Enterprises for Underserved Populations) program. SCALEUP was identified as a key priority for the university and CIE as part of the Big Ideas Round II Competition.

About the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Texas State University CIE is a university center focused on connecting, supporting, and growing a robust innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem across all disciplines at Texas State. The CIE equips members of the university community with the skills, experiences, mindset, and necessary resources to become innovators and entrepreneurs who bring new ideas to life. The CIE engages with faculty, students, and alumni who are eager to positively impact the world by finding innovative solutions to complex, real-world, social, technical, and business challenges.

About the ScaleUP Program

The number of minority entrepreneurs in the United States has grown substantially in recent years with many minority populations experiencing a 2x increase in the number of entrepreneurs. However, once minority-owned businesses are launched, studies show that their growth lags that of non-minority businesses. If minority-owned businesses grew at the same rate, estimates suggest that over $5 trillion would be added to the national economy and over 21 million jobs would be created.

Although considerable research evidence explains the challenges facing minority-owned startups, far less is known about the challenges these businesses face when growing (compared to non-minority businesses). Recent studies offer initial insights into why this growth is slower, but much remains to be discovered. The goal of SCALEUP is to conduct research that identifies the challenges affecting minority-owned business growth and to develop practical tools that help overcome these challenges.

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Meet the SCALEUP Faculty Research Fellows

Three (3) Texas State faculty members have been selected to serve as CIE Faculty Research Fellows to support the SCALEUP program for a one-year period (beginning January 1, 2022). CIE Faculty Research Fellows will support the SCALEUP Program by participating in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research group charged with identifying and investigating factors that impede minority-enterprise growth and developing practical tools to solve these challenges.

Dr. Sid Anderson

Dr. Anderson is an Assistant Professor of Marketing. He earned a PhD in Marketing (2016) from Florida State University after receiving his MBA (2011) and B.S. in Computer Information Systems (2000) from the University of Central Missouri. Prior to entering academia, he gained twelve years of experience in the IT industry, where he assisted in implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; his consulting expertise includes data conversion and systems integration. His research interests include marketing strategy, healthcare marketing, and service operations management. His work has been published in Decision Sciences, Psychology & Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Service Industries Journal, Health Services Management Research, Marketing Education Review, and Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education.

Dr. Min (Maggie) Wan