TXST New Ventures Competition and Accelerator Program

Many thanks to those who came out to our 2023 cohort celebration and pitch day!

We had over 100 innovators and investors join us at Alkek Library to celebrate these amazing teams!

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Celebration Day Program

View the 2023 TXST New Ventures Pitch Day and Cohort Celebration activies.

Applications will reopen in January for the 2024 cohort - We encourage all TXST students, faculty, and community with a unique business idea to apply!

About New Ventures

TXST New Ventures is a competitive accelerator program that supports early-stage business ventures from faculty, student, or alumni ideas and innovations.

The program offers participants both personal and professional growth through:

  • Mentorship and training from TXST Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
  • Access to TXST network of faculty, industry experts, and fellow innovators
  • A chance to compete for a share of more than $100,000 in start-up funding, in-kind services, space at STAR Park, and other vital resources for accelerating your business from concept to customer 

Who Should Apply

Individuals or teams with a unique, early-stage business concept in need of product prototyping and testing, validation of product-market fit, evaluation of market potential, assistance with gaining customer traction, or other core business development area.

Applicants, or at least one contributing member of a team, should be a current faculty, student, staff member, or alumni of Texas State University.

Applicants should have a passion for engaging students and an interest in giving back to the larger TXST entrepreneurial ecosystem.



  • Coaching to prepare a pitch and to refine their core business concept. 
  • Access to the TXST mentoring network, BobcatCONNECT, and other CIE resources before and after the competition phase.
  • Invitations to other events and programs in the TXST entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Up to $20,000 in non-dilutive start-up funding.
  • Shared laboratory/office space at STAR Park, the University's Research Park and Incubator.
  • Dedicated mentor for growing and advancing your company's goals.

KEY DATES for 2023

  • Application Deadline: April 17th
  • Mentoring and Training available throughout April - May
  • Prelims (Round 1): May
  • Semi-Finals (Round 2): June
  • Cohort Celebration and Final Pitch Day: June 17
  • Accelerate Your Venture from May - December
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  • We value real-world experience and collaborations that create co-curricular learning opportunities for our students and community. We recognize the university as a unique source of ideas and knowledge with commercial potential and entrepreneurial activities that will better prepare our students for careers and drive new economic growth.

    • To support early-stage development of technology-based business ventures that engage Texas State students, and involve one or more faculty, staff, or alumni for mutual benefit of progressing business ideas and commercialization of technologies.
    • To increase university-industry interactions and grow the Texas State entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    • To impact local job creation and economic development.
    1. Our focus is education. We support early-stage companies based upon unique business concepts and technologies developed by Texas State alumni, faculty, students, and staff.
    2. We aim to accelerate new businesses by assisting with their product prototyping, validating their target market, and ultimately establishing a viable startup venture. 
    3. We offer a customized, coaching-based approach from our dedicated Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, meeting teams where they are and helping them succeed.
    4. We do not take equity from our founding entrepreneurs. 
    5. We provide opportunities for Texas State students to learn from active entrepreneurs via potential internships, speaker series, roundtable discussions and more.
  • You can apply as either an individual looking to build an interdisciplinary team or as part of an established entrepreneurial team. 

    • If you are an individual, you must be a TXST alumni, faculty, student, or staff member.
    • If you are on a team, at least one key member must be a TXST alumni, faculty, student, or staff member.
    • Early-stage (i.e. post-ideation but still pre-revenue)
    • You may have participated in the TXST NSF I-Corps program, or entrepreneurship-focused classes like MSEC 7301/7302, or be enrolled in the McCoy MBA program.
    • You may be a TXST graduate with multiple years of experience in industry and an idea or innovation to radically shift the status quo.
    • You view the TXST New Ventures Competition and Accelerator Program as a learning and growth opportunity.
    • You are fully committed to your startup and intend to work on it throughout the 9-month accelerator period.
    • You are HUNGRY and ready to put in everything you have to make it work.
  • Yes. If you are interested in applying to the TXST New Ventures Program but do not have a team member that is a current faculty, student, staff, or alumni you do not have to add one before submitting your application. 

    However, you will need to identify and clearly articulate a pathway to integrate the university or a new university-affiliated team member into your application. For example, you can identify a specific department or faculty you would like to collaborate with for R&D or expert consulting. 

    The TXST New Ventures team will assist you in making the appropriate connections. Please reach out to us at newventures@txstate.edu for more information.

  • Yes! We will review all applications no matter what the idea or status.  Sometimes the most obvious ideas turn out to be the best ones.  If you think your idea is worth spending the time to create a business plan presentation or slide deck, then we think your idea is worthy!

  • No. Texas State does not take an equity share in your company for your participation in the New Ventures Program.

    We do ask that you engage with Texas State students in a meaningful way to create opportunities for them to learn from your real-world experiences. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, serving as a pitch competition judge, coach, speaker, discussion leader, or intern host.

  • Texas State has an Advanced Prototyping Lab (APL) supported by the Materials Application Research Center (MARC) that is designed to support  rapid prototyping needs of external partners and startup companies. The equipment will support building prototypes involving light CNC machining, laser cutting and engraving, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics, single board computers, precision welding (TIG and MIG), and many other capabilities. 

  • Yes. One of the TXST New Ventures Program benefits includes the option for free shared laboratory space in the STAR One building at STAR Park, if needed, for the 9-month accelerator period.

    STAR Park is a  58-acre research park dedicated to the university's commercialization efforts. STAR One has more than 36,000 sq.ft. of wet labs, clean space, conference rooms, and office space. 

  • We do not have a set number of teams or individuals that are accepted. In the past few years, the top three applicants have been offered the full benefit package with up to $20,000 in funding. Others have been offered continued mentorship and connection to TXST network of experts and investors.  

  • It is expected that entrepreneurs and mentors will be in contact at least once per month during the 9-month accelerator period to set and check-in on key milestones. It is also expected that entrepreneurs engage with TXST students in one or more ways including serving as a competition judge, seminar speaker, roundtable discussion leader, senior design sponsor or in other roles as opportunities arise.

    Entrepreneurs are expected to commit to a sustained relationship with the TXST New Ventures Program as we are invested in your success for the long-term!

  • While we do not engage non-disclosure agreements as part of the TXST New Ventures Program, we do expect all TXST participants to recognize the importance of the information and documents disclosed. As such, all participants must agree to return or destroy confidential information at the end of the accelerator period, or upon written request.

    • We focus on an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship skills, so we do not anticipate any intellectual property will be created as a direct result of this program.
    • If companies engage with TXST faculty for R&D purposes, a separate Research Agreement will be established that outlines the appropriate IP policies.
    • If a company requires intellectual property currently held by TXST, it is recommended that the founder/entrepreneur first talk with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, Technology Transfer and Contracts Division for licensing information and assistance before proceeding. 
  • TXST New Ventures is a joint initiative with the Texas State Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), Materials Application Research Center (MARC), Texas State NSF I-Corps site, and STAR Park.

If you have any additional questions, please email newventures@txstate.edu 

Past Participants Include Companies Like: